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Most articles are in Swedish, but once in a while I let articles be translated into English, when I feel there is a broader interest for that particular subject. Here, I gather all the translated articles on one single page.

If you find an interesting article in Swedish you cannot read, feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss it.

May we present RPV – a never-released game about drones from FTL Games

2 mars, 2016 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
When I interviewed David R. Darrow about the cover image of Dungeon Master from FTL Games, he also mentioned a game called ”RPV” and sent me a sketch of the cover. Little did I know of this unreleased gem. RPV...

The full story of the World Cup versions of Microprose Soccer

30 januari, 2016 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
Do you remember Andy? The Italian guy who keeps Microprose Soccer alive by releasing a new version each time there is a world cup tournament irl? In any case, I’ve been hunting him down for years since I wrote...

This is how the cover art of Pirates! (1987) was made

29 juni, 2015 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
For many years, I’ve wondered if there exists an original painting behind the iconic cover of the European version of the C64 game Sid Meier’s Pirates!. The image of two battling ships, with a tropical jungle...

Ever heard the original recording of the Archon theme?

15 januari, 2014 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
In december 2013, I wrote about the music of Archon: The Light And The Dark (1983) by FreeFall Associates. It’s made by Tommy V. Dunbar and the article resulted in a discussion about what Dunbar does today –...

Spelpappan presents the world’s first Archon Board Game

1 januari, 2014 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
This autumn, I have been creating the world’s first physical board game version of Archon – a 1983 cult classic computer gamer from FreeFall Associates on Atari 400/800 and Commodore 64 (and more). I...

Greve Graphics, Sweden’s first game developers, are back

20 november, 2013 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
Lars Hård is a self-taught coder who learnt as much as he could about the cell processor and built network clusters out of PS3 units. He once created the soundtrack for a game using only 70 bytes. Nowadays, the computer...

Creating Archon: the Board Game in a 3D-printer

10 november, 2013 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
This weekend I finally finished all pieces for my physical version of the digital board game, Archon, by Freefall Games to Atari 8-bit computers. I use the word finally, but the process has really been quite fast. Each...

This is how the cover art of Dungeon Master (1987) was made

26 september, 2013 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
Without any insight into the creation of game covers, it’s hard to really understand how much work they actually required back in the ’80s and ’90s. In my previous article about Defender of the Crown, I wrote about...

This is how the cover art of Defender of the Crown (1986) was made

5 augusti, 2013 av Jimmy Wilhelmsson 
Every now and then, I like to focus on game covers here on this site. I started with a series of articles in Swedish that I never finished (there will be a second part though), and I recently wondered why the classic...