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  • May we present RPV – a never-released game about drones from FTL Games

    When I interviewed David R. Darrow about the cover image of Dungeon Master from FTL Games, he also mentioned a game called ”RPV” and sent me a sketch of the cover. Little did I know of this unreleased gem. RPV was never released and the web contains little or no info. I contacted FTL founder, […]

  • Så gjordes omslaget till Dungeon Master (1987)

    Så gjordes omslaget till Dungeon Master (1987)

    För oss utomstående kan det vara svårt att begripa hur mycket arbete som lades ner på spelomslag under 1980- och 90-talet. I min förra omslagsartikel om Defender of the Crown berättades om hur Cinemaware hyrde in modeller från en agentur och kläder från en Hollywood-butik. För omslaget till Dungeon Master från FTL Games anlitades konstnären David R. Darrow. […]

  • This is how the cover art of Dungeon Master (1987) was made

    Without any insight into the creation of game covers, it’s hard to really understand how much work they actually required back in the ’80s and ’90s. In my previous article about Defender of the Crown, I wrote about how Cinemaware rented models from an agency and clothes from Hollywood. When Dungeon Master was created, FTL […]